I viewed the Rodney J. Acala story on 48 hrs. Hard evidence show last night, 6-9-2012. His DNA proved he murdered Jill Barcomb (one of the women the LAPD falsely accused  ME, Peter Mark Jones, on National TV of killing!)
It is possible Acala and Jones’ jailhouse accuser, George Shamshak ( who knew details of the Barcomb murder) and his brother Sam could of known Acala in LA or New York.
Someone should check their DNA because Sam Shamshak was a notorious women beater who was rumored to have killed prositutes in NYC in the 70’s.

Subject: Walter Cronkite and Media Abuse!

WALTER CRONKITE (like hundreds of other” Investigative” reporters) repeated the harmful false accusations on National TV that implied I was the “HILLSIDE STRANGLER” WITHOUT checking the facts !
Mike Taibbi, (now with NBC News) first broadcast these sensational accusations without verifying them. A couple of phone calls would of proved my jailhouse informer was a liar when he stated “He and I were boyhood friends who grew up together.” FACT; I am 10 years older than this pathological liar and never lived in the same city as him! But why ruin a good scoop with the truth?
The Media routinely and casually publish and broadcast unsubstantiated accusations about innocent “suspects” which does irreparable harm to them and their families.
The Police are eager to provide these accusations to TV news to make themselves look good and the networks and newspapers repeat them without investigation to increase ratings and make more $$$.
Everyone benefits except the “DISPOSABLE SUSPECTS” and their families who must endure and suffer irreparable harm to their reputations, careers and lives.
Peoples’ lives and privacy should not be entertainment for the consuming masses who watch TV NEWS commercials and read ads .We need a NO-NAME LAW for US, THAT PROTECTS PEOPLES IDENTITIES FROM FALSE ACCUSATIONS IN THE MEDIA BECAUSE; ANYONE CAN ACCUSE ANYBODY OF ANYTHING, ANYTIME AND IT SHOULD NOT BE NEWS!
This fair law would prohibit the Police from releasing a “suspect’s identity to the Media until such time (if ever) the suspect is legally charged with a crime.
We must stop this unnecessary MEDIA ABUSE of innocent people because if it could happen to me and my family it could happen to you!
Peter Mark JonesImage